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About Us

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Our Story

Timothy Jones, a UK-native, has been visiting Round Rock since 2017. After buying a part-time property in the Texas town, Jones and his wife quickly began spending more time in Round Rock. Despite their love for their new home, the pair greatly missed their community restaurant back in the UK, which is why they decided to open The Kenny Fort Pub. The restaurant will bring a little bit of the UK to Round Rock, introducing Texas to a modern version of the traditional British Pub.

The Concept


Construction of the restaurant
Round Rock is an up and coming area that is greatly lacking in establishments that are walking distance to the local communities. The Kenny Fort will fill this void due to its amazing location. It will not be a 16th century property and nor should it be. Instead, it will be a vibrant new pub/restaurant that is family friendly, includes a great outside area for seating with a children’s play area, a great social bar along with a stylish modern dining area.

We will offer a diverse menu including some All Texan classics, together with a quintessentially British section of classic dishes people may not have heard of which will add excitement and intrigue. It will be a step up from the casual self-service style family diners that are common in Round Rock. We will differentiate ourselves with both the quality of the food offering, the services and the stylish ambiance.